Vernon Parish, located in west central Louisiana, was created on April 11, 1871, by an Act of the Louisiana Legislature.  The terrain is gently rolling hills, forested with long-leaf pines, and cut by creeks and bayous that flow from the woods into beautiful reservoirs and lakes.

Vernon Parish is home to the Vernon Parish School system. The Vernon Parish School Board was created by the Louisiana Revised Statute (LSA-R.S.) 17:51 to provide education for the children within Vernon Parish. The Board is authorized by (LSA-R.S.) 17:81 to establish policies and regulations for its own government consistent with the laws of the State of Louisiana and the regulations of the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE).

The Vernon Parish School Board operates 19 schools with an enrollment of 8,337 students.  Of these 20 schools, 5 are K-12 schools, 7 are elementary schools, 2 are middle/junior high schools, 4 are high schools, and 1 is an optional program for grades 7 -12.

(Standing from left to right) W.R. "Randy" Martin (District 4 - Pickering), Doug Brandon (District 1 - Leesville/Ft. Polk), Jackie Self (District 1 - Leesville/Fort Polk) ,Shad Stewart (District 5 - Pitkin), Vernon Travis (District 6 - Leesville/Ft. Polk), John Blankenbaker (District 7 - Rosepine), Jim Seaman (District 1 - Leesville/Ft. Polk), Steve Woods (District 1 - Leesville/Fort Polk), Robert Pynes Jr. (District 1 - Leesville/Ft. Polk)

(Sitting from Left)  Gerald Cooley (District 8 - Simpson/Hicks), Angie Davis (District 2 - Anacoco/Hornbeck), James Williams (Superintendent), David Detz (District 3 - Evans), Colonel Greg Athey (Fort Polk Garrison Commander)

Superintendent James Williams 

Welcome to the Vernon Parish School System.  A new school year presents opportunities, new faces, and challenges.  Starting a new year gives us the opportunity to make new plans, new strategies, and implement new ideas.  We are looking forward to a productive partnership with you  to insure your children achieve their highest potential.  We recognize that in order to be successful in school; students, parents, and teachers need to work together.

We can be proud of what we achieve in Vernon Parish - in our classrooms, in our offices, on our playing fields and stages.  Vernon Parish Schools are ranked 8th in the State with a score of 103.3 on the State District Performance Score.  Our program is what it is because of a staff of dedicated men and women who have a common goal - to do what is best for students.  These administrators, teachers, and support staff are always looking for ways to achieve that goal.

I want to thank you for sharing your most precious gift - your child - with us.  We will strive to make this a great school year for all students and I want to assure you that our staff strives for "Every Child, Every Day, Whatever It Takes."

Vernon Parish School Board Meeting Schedule


October 5, 10:00 AM

October 10, 10:00 AM

November 2, 10:00 AM

November 7, 10:00 AM

December 7, 10:00 AM

December 12, 10:00 AM

NOVEMBER 7, 2017

10:00 A.M.








1. Motion to approve minutes of November 2, 2017 regular meeting and dispense with

the reading of the minutes


2.     Motion to approve Board Calendar Dates for 2018


3.     Election of Board Officers for 2018


4.     Motion to approve Leave Without Pay Request


5.     Motion to accept employee retirements


6.     Cenergistic Energy rebates to schools


7.     Motion to approve Headstart Policies/Procedures


8.     Motion to approve Personnel Evaluation Plan


9.      Athletic Committee Report


10.    Motion to approve a resolution of the Vernon Parish School Board relative to

 establishing standards and criteria for approval of participation in the industrial tax

 exemption program of Leesville, LA


11.    Motion to approve a resolution of the Vernon Parish School Board approving

 Champion Homes for participation in the industrial tax exemption program in

 Leesville, LA


12.    Motion to approve budget amendments related to personnel changes


13.    Motion to authorize the president and secretary to pay the claims


14.    Motion to approve a resolution recognizing the final form and execution 

 of the Bond Purchase Agreement in connection with the issuance and sale of its

 $8,580,000 General Obligation School Refunding Bonds, Series 2017, of Leesville

 School District connection therewith.


15.    Superintendent’s Remarks


16.    Memorial Resolutions


17.    Adjournment



NOTICE:       Anyone desiring to comment in connection with items listed on the agenda

before a vote is taken on said item by the Board, should complete a Public

Comment Card thirty minutes before the School Board meeting begins. The

Public Comment Cards are located at the receptionist’s desk.



Vision Statement

The Vernon Parish School System is committed to educating and preparing every student for the challenge of tomorrow's world.

Mission Statement

The Vernon Parish School Board will provide an education that incorporates effective instruction that is rigorous and relevant which every student needs for academic and personal achievement  The board supports a positive school climate where experiences and lessons provide for the personalized needs of students as they transition through school and into tomorrow's world. The board will establish an educational process within the school district that is a partnership which involves parents, educators, and the community. Through this partnership we will produce well-educated, character-oriented, and well-rounded individuals


As members of the Vernon Parish School Board, we believe:

•• Our school system is focused on learning:  student learning, professional learning, and organizational learning.

•• All students can learn.  In order to challenge students to their full potential we must value, understand, and address differences in the way they learn.

•• Student learning increases when alignment is accomplished among rigorous and challenging content standards, high quality assessments, and effective teaching practices.

•• The focus of curriculum and teaching strategies should center on a deep understanding of concepts and usage of basic skills for all students.

•• Every student should have the opportunity to develop, learn and grow in a safe environment with quality materials available.

•• All children, when meaningfully engaged and motivated, are capable of learning at high levels.  High academic and behavioral expectations for all students will result in high achievement.

•• Students should be actively involved in their own learning and be expected to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding.

•• Student learning must be frequently monitored and evaluated with focused and timely interventions occurring as needed.

•• Every child deserves highly competent and qualified teachers who use effective teaching strategies to teach the district's curriculum.  Ongoing, systematic and multi-level professional development is critical to improved education.

•• Educating our youth is a responsibility of the entire community carried out through a collaborative effort.  The primary goal of public education is to prepare all children to become a contributing member of an ever-changing multicultural and global society