Vernon Parish has a rich history of athletic participation and success.  Schools participate under the banner of the Louisiana High School Athletic Association.

Please refer to your local school's website to see their schedule of Athletic events.

For district-wide athletic information, contact:

Mr. Hub Jordan

Vernon Parish Athletic Director



Director:  Hub Jordan



The Child Welfare and Attendance Department is here to provide the highest quality advocacy/support system characterized by a family-friendly responsiveness to the concerns of students, families and schools that support optimal attendance and school completion; as well as maximum academic achievement and social development.


We will remain the link between home, school and the community while assisting in the welfare and education of the whole child.

We are committed to and will strive:


·      To be culturally-sensitive, service oriented and responsive to the Child Welfare service needs of our students and their families.

·      To collaborate with school and community agencies to develop comprehensive and success oriented plans that will maximize student potential.

·      To create awareness of psycho-social needs that adversely affects the learning processes of students.

·      To advocate for those we serve and empower them to advocate for themselves.

·      To partner with community agencies including the Vernon Parish Sheriff’s Department and the Vernon Parish Judicial System by facilitating open communication and information sharing that will subsequently result in the greatest success for our students.


If you have questions or concerns about the education of your student, please feel free to contact Mr. Hub Jordan, Director of Child Welfare and Attendance at the Vernon Parish School Board.

(337-239-3401) or e-mail:

Curriculum and Instruction


Mrs. Renita Page, Director, Secondary Curriculum


Mrs. Anne Smith, Director of Elementary Curriculum


Vernon Parish is committed to providing a curriculum that is rigorous, relevant, and addresses 21st Century Skills. Our goal is to ensure learning through effective instruction in each classroom. The Louisiana Comprehensive Curriculum, which is based on benchmarks and standards for learning, is used in every grade level in English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.   Educators participate in continuous professional development around research-based best instructional practices. 

Our motto, "Every Child, Every Day, Whatever it Takes," keeps the student at the center of the educational process. This journey begins with our early childhood programs, Head-Start and LA-4, where developmentally appropriate learning activities for children take place in an environment designed to address their social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and creative growth. 

As students move into the elementary grades, literacy and numeracy are the emphasis of instruction across the curriculum.  Students learn how to "think" and apply skills in all content areas in middle and high school.  Additional opportunities are offered through gifted, honors, advanced placement, dual enrollment, distant learning, and vocational studies.

In addition to the core curriculum, Vernon Parish schools offer a variety of electives, enrichments, and extracurricular activities. Needs of exceptional children are served according to federal, state, and local requirements.  These innovative programs help to prepare our graduates to continue their education and/or enter the workforce.



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Fall 2017 - First Semester Lunch Menus

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2017-2018 Wellness Plan



A variety of nutritional services are provided by the Vernon Parish School Board Student Nutrition Program, also known as School Food Service. On a daily basis, breakfast and lunch are available in all schools to students, faculty, and school visitors. Meals are nutritionally adequate, attractively served, moderately priced, and serve as as extension of nutrition education into the homes of children.

Meals served to students are planned according to provisions of the National School Lunch Act. Lunch meals provide approximately one-third of the Recommended Dietary Allowances for students of each age group. Breakfast provides one-fifth of their daily nutritional needs.

Meal service to students with special dietary needs due to disabilities or medical conditions is available at the school cafeterias. By submitting a Diet Modification Form, a physician's diet order and a parent approval letter, the cafeteria manager can make modifications.

Because the National School Lunch Program is federally subsidized, students may be eligible for free or reduced priced meals. Parents may apply for Meal Benefits by completing the Multi-Child Application For Meal Benefit Form provided by the schools to every student at the beginning of every school year; however, application forms are available for processing throughout the school year.

Food Service

 Director - Joey Whiddon

Food Service Assistant - Lillie Allen

Secretary/Purchasing - Lynn Keel

Food Service - Jackie Cryer      

201 Belview Road  

Leesville , LA 71446  


Phone : 1-800-621-1742


Fax :  337-238-5777

 Hours : Monday - Friday

8:00 - 12:00

1:00 - 4:30  

Email :



Every Child, Every Day, Whatever It Takes!

201 Belview Road

Leesville, La 71446



Welcome to Vernon Parish! We hope this website will serve as a guide to assist you in finding the information you need to facilitate a successful school experience for your family. Although we have tried to cover many topics, please feel free to call us if you need additional information.

Total Student population: 9,694

Total Students with Disabilities: 1357

Pupil Appraisal Services are an integral part of the total instructional program of the Vernon Parish school system.  The purpose of Pupil Appraisal Services is to assist students who have learning problems, adjustment problems, or other special needs by providing services to students, parents, teachers, and other school personnel.  Some examples are provided below.

1. Assistance to teachers in the development and implementation of behavioral and/or instructional interventions (Response to Interventions/RTI).

2. Evaluation of students to determine whether they are exceptional and in need of special educational services.

3. Consultation with parents, students, teachers, and other personnel on topics such as instructional or behavioral modifications, exceptional students, and student development.

4. Staff development with school personnel and parents.

5. Interpretation of evaluation findings to school personnel and parents.

6. Direct support services to students with learning or behavioral problems.

  Pupil Appraisal personnel are not limited to providing services solely to students referred for an individual evaluation. Many students experiencing learning problems can be helped through recommendations made by pupil appraisal personnel for use in the regular classroom, enabling the student to benefit from instruction in the general education curriculum and eliminating the need for a referral for an individual evaluation. Major functions of pupil appraisal personnel are to be child/student advocates and to assist students to remain in and profit from the regular educational program, whenever possible.  When a student, as a result of an individual evaluation, qualifies for special educational services, pupil appraisal personnel will recommend services needed to assist the teachers and parents of the student in providing an appropriate special educational program.


Technology Staff


Bill Lohman - Technology Administrator - 337-239-3401 -


Donna Fairchild - Tech. Clerk - 337-239-1667 -